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This combination reading is a wholesome approach which involves combining both practices- Tarot & Astrology- and the requirements which go with both. 

*Background information along with questions are needed from the client’s end to get focused, clear readings. 

*Full name & a photo are required to enable successful distance readings for Tarot. 
*Time, Date & Place of Birth are needed for the natal chart details. 

All aspects of your life and questions are given equal importance and attention to detail to, each method being used for what it is best at. We do individual readings and merge all predictions in one wholesome package- or a conversation in this case.
We urge you to think about all your queries before we do the reading so as to not waste time & effort- yours and ours.
Please get in touch in case you prefer written communication. 


 ₹ 4250

+ 91 90286 47573

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