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The Astrologer’s Curse

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

‘Heavy is the head that wears the crown’ has never been more apt than when applied to the field- especially the profession, of astrology. Being one of the oldest practices in the world, not only does everyone have a local or family astrologer, but when you look at a country like India, every Tom, Dick & Harry know a thing or two about it and are more than happy to go around spreading the half-baked knowledge they have.

You would think being in such an ancient profession would have the advantage of most people being in the know about the true meaning or sanctity of the field, but the reality is while everyone will know Rahu or Shani as planets to be fearful of, not more than a handful will understand when or how Astrology is to be practiced, how it is a science and not something that can/should be used as entertainment as an ice breaker or(and this is one that I particularly love)- how you actually need to listen to the advice given by the astrologer in order for things to work out a particular way.

Astrology is a science. The science of Prediction. The science of the play of planets. The science of using numbers to calculate the effects planets will have on the life of an individual. What people tend to think is that Astrologers can change your life. No. No one else but you have the power to change your life.

An astrologer can guide you on the right path, inform you about the current phase of your life, what to expect, what actions to take- all based on the positioning of the planets in your natal chart and their transitions. A KP (Krishna Murthy Paddhati) astrologer- which is the system we practice here at Tarot meets Astrology- also looks at the ruling planets of when a querent comes in front of your with the question. When a client has a question in mind, his answer is ready in ruling planets of the time the question emerges in front of the astrologer, which is what he will decipher for you. No doubt the detailed natal chart gives you specific answers, but the unique standpoint of this contemporary form of Astrology is that answers can be given even without knowing your birth details.

But there are people, and trust me, the number isn’t small- who come to you saying ‘Tell me about myself’. And an astrologer can. This is the most common way general astrologers in the market tend to impress people, by telling them about their past. The past is easy to interpret, the challenge is in predicting the future and helping the client with ways to make that a reality.

The real Astrologer’s curse is that we bear a part in the karma of the person whose chart you assess. So if that’s good, well, lucky us. But more often than not, when it’s bad.. you don’t need me to explain the ‘curse’ part here. Now, the new-age astrologer’s curse is explaining to people why we can’t change their life for them. No, Saturn isn’t really my bud that I can tell him to stop harassing you. What we can offer you is a way to make the most out of the situation, but not many people want that. No, I am not responsible for your life if I have told you a certain thing and you go do the exact opposite. On that note, you should not forget that the one living your life is YOU- not any astrologer or psychic you might have consulted.

Astrology is a navigating tool, not a magic wand. We each control our own actions because it’s our own journey, and there is no escape from it. What is actually great is, you can have your guiding star(now you know the concept behind our logo) to look to. For moral support, for emotional guidance, for help in knowing what decisions to take. This is the beauty of astrology, the core of it. The curse part, well it’s when human attach their own understanding and expectations to it, but I guess had someone been able to draw up a natal chart for Astrology, even this would have been predicted somewhere in it’s future. Of course, along with it would be help in dealing with that situation, a timeline for how long it will be stretched out, whether anything can be done about it to relieve the intensity of the situation and so forth. Because THAT is what astrology is supposed to be used for.

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