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Are you a Witch?

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

I have been asked this qs. Not kidding. And the truth is, I don’t know the answer to that question.

All these terms are used so fast and loose today, that while some people may mean that as a compliment, there are others who are going to be afraid and maybe even disgusted.

But, Why?

Do I put on a black cloak and fly a broomstick? HA I wish.

Do I subscribe to the Witches magazine? YEP. (And I would suggest you do too if you are interested in the occult world.)

Do I concoct potions and predict the future? Well, yes and no. To clarify, I don’t concoct potions.. but there are people out there who do believe in casting spells and using herbs, and I don’t have any issue with them doing it unless they tell me to follow the same.

But, I DO or I CAN predict the future.. to an extent.. with the help of my Tarot cards.

And while I am not the kind of ‘witch’ who would give you something red to drink which would make you the next President, I can definitely help you achieve the best outcome from your life.

Because that’s what Tarot cards are used for. The science.. or art of Tarot is basically a symbolic map of our consciousness, which guides us spiritually as well as in day to day dealings.

I won’t go in detail and try to explain how the cards can tell what the situation is, how they give you guidance, how they know your innermost thoughts and conflicts.. because that is something even the most renowned Tarot reader is still amazed by in every single reading. Suffice it to say it works. Is it magic? Hardly. It’s understanding the language of the cards. And interpreting the symbolism present on them. And intuition. Mixed with logic. And a dash of sunshine.

Now, Intuition is something which everyone possesses. Sunshine is available everywhere too. So does the usage of these common faculties make you a witch?

Tarot is something used for an evolved awareness, which helps you make the right decisions, avoid pitfalls and stay close to your destiny. While the question of whether our destiny is predetermined or not demands a separate post, it is common knowledge that who we are as a person and the milestones of our journey have been set the minute the take birth, which is why astrological charts require the exact details to give accurate answers.(Oops separate post again)

The Major and the Minor Arcanas provided in the system of Tarot help you out with your spiritual lessons, the events which your soul has to go through to progress as well as the logical Earthly life actions, challenges, opportunities and experiences you should take on it to stay on the right path. Tarot also helps with specific questions or with making the right decisions, there are no right or wrong questions to ask here. Everything you are, everything you can think of, is all covered here.

This system is not your mother, she is not going to caress you and cover all your mistakes, you have Oracle decks for that. Tarot will give you a kick in the ass when you deserve it, and it will tell you to reap the fruits of your labour when you deserve it.

One thing is for sure, whatever the outcome, you know it deep within. The cards just help you acknowledge those facts and start dealing with those, be it leaving a job you are stuck in for a brighter future, sticking up for what you feel is right or learning to control your obsessive feelings.

Which is why you don’t have to be a psychic to be a Tarotist. You don’t have to talk with spirits, neither do you have to compulsorily have a crystal ball. (Though its SO cool to have one!)

So now, my question to you is, do you want to know whether I am a witch or do you want to get answers to your life’s questions?

Let's get the (crystal) ball rolling, you know where and how to comment or ask qs below!

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